Friday, March 24, 2006

Bodies In Motion

I saw Fly Geesworth this week-end and it was a pecular visit since I ended up just sitting in his room watching the dreadful Sopranos/ER dream episode (followed by the full-of-potential Big Love) and he was busy trying to attract the full attention of Mister J.

I think he is a man obsessed, I mean I always knew that, but now I think the seeds of his obsession have bloomed to a tree full of stalk.

He believes I'm an alcoholic, while Aussie Flapper Girl will go out of her way to feed me drinks. I think alcoholism can be compared to bodies in motion in a vacuum, one person sees you floating by, the other person thinks THEY'RE still and YOU'RE floating by.

Who are you to judge? Some God? Or are you like...the Watcher from the Marvel Comic Books, the one with the giant head that just watches people and got involved in the Secret Wars.


Bodies in motion sometimes collide in the dark void of space, I've tried to collide sometimes, but mostly I shy away.

Have I said how much I hate poetry? Really its all archaic elitist bullshit. Everything that took centuries to expound in the realm of poetry was articulated in one line written by the Beatles:

All you need is love.

Put that in your pipe KEATS!


ASAP the AP News for younglings? Its surprisingly cool, but no RSS FEED!?

Perv On: Lazy Sunday Rap UK Style, delightful boys with a reference to Snakes On A Plane, which is rumored to be going through reshoots to include Samuel Jackson saying....the LINE!


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