Friday, March 24, 2006

The Queen Gene
Am I My Brother's Boyfriend?

There's a hullaboo on a recent 60 Minutes piece about kids who grow up gay and your chances of being gay depending on how many brothers you have...

There's controversy if you're an idiot, but let's think clearly about this.

They show twin boys right? One of them is into barbies, the other into GI Joes. In typical newsmagazine fashion they leave it up to you to reach your own (probably bigoted) conclusions.

So little Jimmy likes to play with Barbies, he must be a homo. Here's my question, when little Jimmy is a horned up 18 year old, who do you think is going to be force fucking his ass?


Who's going to be jackhammering jimmy when he's 20?

That's right, the kid who played with GI Joes when he was 8.

I personally played with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman toys at that age, so that would fit me nice and snug between both extremes I wager.

And as for the chances of you being gay the more older brothers you have, that's an easy one to figure out; the older brothers are totally molesting you.

Lateral thinking Jimmy....lateral thinking.

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