Friday, March 31, 2006

Stop The Wine Gates?
A Day Without Cheap Labor

Hold on a second, this was brought to my attention recently!

Brat Boy Bulletin: Filthy Mexicans

"First apply the common sense. Before you can fix the water damage from a flood you need to stop the flow of flood waters. Both sides agree that we need to fix the issue of illegal immigration. Well do we let the flood continue to increase the problem or build a "dam" to hold the flood waters while we figure out a way to control the problem. Seems simple to me. It's time to stop the flood of illegal immigrants and then develop a consensus on the issue. This can't be overlooked any longer."

W-w-w-wwhat--what are you insane? Are you out of your fucking mind?

Listen to me I know 56% of the population wishes to stop illegal immigration ok? But the same majority oppose gay marriage and love the President, so IT CAN BE INFERRED that most of America is retarded.

Seriously, just look at network television.

Secondly--and this is very very important--and I want you to heed me well:

Every Friday I party with Aussie Flapper Girl and the rest of our crew, and before I stop by her house I go into the bottle shop and pick up 1-2 bottles of red wine.

I'm no "major domo," ok? I'm no "high class hooker," alright? But I do enjoy a good bottle of red wine that is affordable, and goes down remarkably well...something that soothes my palette (SPELL CHECK!).

Guess what sort of wine costs ten dollars and is still decent? That's right, CALIFORNIA wine!

Why is it so affordable? Easy. Mexicans.

I don't care if 100% of America is against illegal immigration, nobody is going to stop any floodgates whatsoever and ruin my 10-dollar-a-bottle party. I'm not having some white trash couple's son out there in a field picking grapes getting paid $23 dollars an hour due to the good grace of his skin color, only to have the cost transferred to ME who'll now have to pay 40 dollars for a good bottle of wine that I can have for ten dollars, so Ethan (or whatever the hell your real name is) you better STFU and GWThe motherfucking program! You look like a nice guy, an XY cover boy I see, but this is your ex-boss talking here, so keep removing your clothes and stop worrying about the Mexican floodgates, that goes for the rest of America as well.

The following people should be let into the country no questions asked:

-Colombians ((cough))

If you want to be xenophobic then keep the Arabs out, the Irish, and the Nicaraguans...those people are flying over here with heroin in their bellies and nobody needs that.

Floodgates...Jesus Christ.


Happy Friday!


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