Friday, April 21, 2006

4/20: A Retrospective
The Rise And Fall Of Yasmine Bleeth

Hey, so last night, I totally got buttfucked by my boyfriend!!

OMG I'm a cock-sheath.

Actually I just got lit up in honor of 4/20 and giggled endlessly with a bunch of high-time dykes at a bar-restaurant Mr. Reality Show Reject took me to.

I consumed a burrito with tons of I got a belly like a wildebeest!

Apart from briefly sitting in on an evening screening of Fast Times At Ridgemont High while questionable brownies were passed around, nothing truly interesting happened...


I'm sort of offering this up as an all-purpose idea. Its a novel titled, "The Rise And Fall of Yasmine Bleeth."

I have no clue what the story is about, only that it has NOTHING TO DO with Yasmine Bleeth, and the cover has her lying on a bed forming a swastika with her body.

As you can was good stuff. KINK and Happy Friday!


[ im'mature ]: Mario Question Blocks

I got the ASAP RSS feeds that are suspiciously missing from their site:

Honorable ASAP mention: Interactive guides to Orange Juice and Absinthe...this website was MADE for me!

Gino The Ginny provided by Eric B. Watch it all, you WILL thank me later.

Listen to Hey DJ

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