Friday, April 28, 2006

Changing Lifestyles

Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventive - New York Times

I just find this so terribly annoying.

Why is everyone seemingly SO concerned with AIDS in Africa when we have AIDS right HERE! What about OUR blacks? Hm? Who really gives a shit about Africa, and don't give me this humanitarian bullshit, ok? It works for Angelina Jolie because she's richer than God, but it isn't going to work on me.

Fighting AIDS in Africa

The most promising way to stem Africa's worst AIDS epidemics appears to be encouraging male circumcision and faithfulness to a single partner at a time, not promoting condom use or abstinence, a new look at AIDS studies across the continent suggests.

Yeah, and while we're at it, let's just make them all white and move them into the suburbs.

I don't understand why people are so hellbent about getting into another country's business. My guess is that its the whole Hitler guilt thing that the so-called "liberal teachers" placed on everyone while in school.

When I was little my teacher said Hitler killed millions of Jews while America did nothing until late in the game, and it seems like ever since then we've been going on and on about other people and their problems; like the Middle-East and their wars that never end and their God who's just as crazy as our God.

Saving the Jews is one thing, but trying to change a person's lifestyle (AHEM!) will only result in all of that getting shot right back into your face Amy Fisher style.

Nobody witnessed the holocaust and said, "HEY, maybe we can make the Jews less Jew-y!"

Happy Friday Freedom Fighter!


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