Friday, April 14, 2006

And Then I Pwned Paul From Interpol
The Conclusion of A Three Part Weekend Entry I Now Realize Is COMPLETELY Pointless

Having fled from the scourge of the fucking mice, Aussie Flapper Girl and I spent a good deal out fueled by cocktails and other illicit substances.

After having a merry time at several bars, we stopped at our usual end-night hang-out spot that is kept open just so we can talk very loudly and drunkenly to the owner.

We approached the place and the owner was talking to a friend of his, the boy had on several layers of clothes; something like a shirt, a jacket, and a sweater, with a pink hat.

I shook the boy's hand and introduced myself, Aussie Flapper Girl exchanged words and we walked into the bar.

"Did you know who that is?" She asked me once we were inside.
"That was Paul from Interpol!" She said.

Flapper Girl and Paul haven't had at all a proper romance, its more like an off again on again meet and greet with all sorts of breeder chemistry that I want no part of.

Immediately I guess what was going on, and I turned to look as Paul eyed me up and down while leaving the place. I guessed correctly, I was the rival for the love that dare not speak its name (because I think he's got a girlfriend).

"Of course he had to leave, he couldn't possibly compete with me?" I told Aussie Flapper Girl as she rolled her eyes and petted her dog (who was now playing with the owner's lesbian dog).

The Flapper Girl had kissed a boy in front of Paul as part of a whole jealousy game, so now Paul was playing the "distant" game...yeah like I said--breeder chemistry.

I told her that Paul had a vagina because he wasn't up front with her, Flapper Girl said he most certainly had no vagina, and we debated this for quite a while till I passed out.

And we do it all again tonight! Happy Friday!


Perv on Zay Harding in Southeast China, if you can catch this show on Public Broadcast television then DO SO, Zay is super hot and he gratuitously takes off his shirt about three times during the whole show. ((pangs of fleshy joy))

Oh and a little shocking surprise, the first official GIRL PERV ON Rachel Griffiths the chick in the wheelchair from Muriel's Wedding. If more of said breeder boys got girls like her, then I'd be less jealous.

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