Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jay Leno Is Gay (Unfriendly)
How You Know You're Really Gay

Writer of Avenue Q writes Jay Leno a letter.

"Gay people, to you, are great material," wrote Whitty. "When I think of gay people, I think of the gay news anchor who took a tire iron to the head several times when he was vacationing in St. Maarten's. I think of my friend who was visiting Hamburger Mary's, a gay restaurant in Las Vegas, when a bigot threw a smoke bomb filled with toxic chemicals into the restaurant, leaving the staff and gay clientele coughing, puking, and running in terror. I think of visiting my gay friends at their house in the country, sitting outside for dinner, and hearing, within hundreds of feet of where we sat, taunting voices yelling 'Faggots.'

You know you're really gay when you're sitting at Hamburger Mary's and you get FIREBOMBED, and you know you're really gay when you run away to the country and get called a faggot while having a tea party with your friend (while wearing dresses)

Jay Leno is a hack fly-over-state unfunny comic asswipe, it'll be interesting to see if he apologizses for this one.

My money is on no.

conan o'brien fan

PS: Dear Jesus, the image of everyone in a Hamburger Mary's puking and "running in terror" made me smile, does this make me a bad person? Love, Margaret


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