Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Late Night
How Kaye


I had a very weird time last night.

I went out on a date....with a nice boy...that I'd love to see again...

CLEARLY we're venturing into weird territory here, so I smacked his butt with a belt a little just to get my bearings straight.

I'm keeping it real ya know!

Actually, I know what you're thinking, "Oh no, Kevin's jumped the shark! This blog is going to blow now, woe is everyone!" But nay nay, it be not, I only wrote all that to explain my lack of outrage on here, don't think I'm going soft or anything.

I'm still wicked bad!!

In fact, now that the boys are gone, let me just say that this Paul Kaye character--at first glance--

Is beef stew! But on further inspection--

He's hot as all balls! So says I as I watched Its All Gone Pete Tong the fictional fall and rise of a deaf DJ.

Definitely grows on you that one! I watched it with the Aussie Flapper Girl when we noticed her building had been overrun by mice...(to be C!)

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