Thursday, April 06, 2006

Liberty, She Weeps
Oh My God! Leave The Black People Alone, What's Wrong With You!?

Here is how I was introduced to the Duke Rape scandal

Old duke rape article

"It's so easy to see the incident at the shabby university-owned house -- just a mile from the iconic Gothic Duke Chapel -- in terms of powerlessness and privilege, town and gown, black and white. Many on campus and in the streets of this gritty working-class vertex of the famed Research Triangle are framing it just that way.

But not everybody is comfortable with that.

Ok fair enough, I'm thinking this is all just one big happy misunderstanding, this place obviously doesn't have a major race issue, the players are nice guys...hell maybe that bitch deserved what she got!

Of course, one missing coach later the story moves from high school-level barnyard antics, and into bald-faced vicious scandal

the smoking gun letter

"Shortly after an exotic dancer claimed she was raped at a Duke University lacrosse team party, a member of the squad sent an e-mail announcing that the following night he planned "to have some strippers over" and would be "killing the bitches" as soon as they walked into his dorm room."

Oh ok, so things are exactly what they seem like.

By the way, if I'm a black stripper chick, and I see this greet me:

I'm going to run away, because the guy screams rapist, or at least screams I'm-on-so-many-roids-that- I-can-pull-one-ballsack-off-and-not-even-feel-it.

"I think along with the awfulness of the incident has come a real desire to condemn a lot of the Duke students because they are people of privilege, maybe," Durham resident Paul Montgomery said as he stood outside the Trinity Park house where the party occurred. "I just hope people kind of take into account that there is ... more than meets the eye."

No there isn't! They totally raped her ass and most of the privilaged kids at Duke are probably racist rapists.

Plus, going around staying stuff like, "there is...more than meets the eye," is only going to make you seem like the cheesy head jerk from a straight-to-video College Conspiracy movie. (I.E. The Skulls 2 or the Brotherhood 3 Young Demons where the rapists are at least hot and often vampiric).


Man escorted from plane because he sang along to The Clash, now see I agree with this, the police should arrest every asshole who sings along to music in his head phones.

A very cute review of Antichrist Superstar by Teen Ink...I don't know I just loved it: "Oh my god I'm so apalled, but not really!"

Johnnydarling on 22-year-old bloggers:

Dear 22 year old blogger: In five years, you're going to be trying to write a screenplay. In ten years, you might be working as a baby executive at a production company. And in 15 years, you shall be working at a bank, with a pot belly, and your main form of amusement will be watching prime time TV in the evenings. Don’t even TRY to tell me that I am wrong.

Phew, good thing I'm 23!

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