Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm not your usual run-of-the-mill pretentious film buff who maintains that the best films are silent ones.


L'Inferno looks bad ass!

Check out the trailer...Lucifer chewing on a soul really creeped me out, I'll have to get this on DVD.

What's Wrong With Roger Ebert?

Is he saying Tomb Raider is better than Silent Hill? Or is the star system flawed? I'll have to see it and decide for myself.

From his Night Of The Living Dead review:

"A television set is discovered, and the news commentator reports that an epidemic of mass murder is underway. The recently dead, he says, are coming back to life in funeral parlors, morgues and cemeteries. Apparently some sort of unearthly radiation is involved (some sort of unearthly radiation is nearly always involved, seems like)

Oh Roger! You fat cynical bastard! He's like a character out of a Twilight Zone episode, cursed to watch all the movies in the world, and also cursed to be considered un-sexier than Osama bin Laden.

At least he scored a date with Oprah back when she was a dog.

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