Thursday, April 20, 2006

Moe Hamed


"The person subdued by the angels and having a Koran in his hands is generally thought to be Mohammed. The sculpture represents the triumph of christianity over islam."

You know something? All these Republicans--or neo-conservatives (whatever) are babbling on about their right to depict Mohammed, or rather, for their right to do anything involving the image of Mohammed, and I don't know the point they're trying to make, but what I'm getting from them is a vastly different idea than the one they're trying to convey.

What I get from Malkin's post and even from that South Park "controversy" (scoff), is an understanding of just why exactly these Muslim terrorists are as extreme as they are.

Here are Malkin (walking argument in favor of Chinese internment) and those two knuckleheads who make South park hatefully provoking Muslim faith, and as Malkin's site says, these Muslim people seem to have been persecuted and made fun of by the Christians for God knows how many centuries.

So I can see why they're miffed and blowing up buildings, which isn't to say that they have any right to, but IT IS to say that I hope all of you religious fucks blow yourselves up in one nuclear holocaust out there in some desert.

Angels stomping on Mohammed? Fuck both of you nine-year-old idiots...and some of that goes to you agnostics too, shame on you for even entertaining the idea that the angels stomping on Mohammed bullshit is even remotely pertinent to reality.

Here's a revolutionary idea, why don't you just all leave each other alone? Its like two mental patients in an asylum trying to rip the other's teeth out.

And also, Comedy Central has every right, hypocrisy or no, to not allow South Park to depict Mohammed, especially because they eloquently listed their reasons for doing so.

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