Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Surface Tension
Celebs On The Mind

Good time to shine! Time to spread a little joy on this belated Tuesday greeting.

Oh I have to tell you, those gossip gurus are a handful of something else. I'm talking about Pink Is The New Blog and Perez Hilton, the two of them remind me of my old Junior High days when the school boys were divided into warring camps:

Nintendo or Sega?

Unfortunately my life as a city boy presumes that I be intimitely entwined with the vapid lifestyle of celebrities and wannabe starlets, in other words I read books and tend to myself for the same reason country boys and girls run away to Hollywood; the grass is always greener on the other cheek.

I'm in the Perez camp if only because he introduced me to my good friend Aussie Flapper Girl before his blog hit big and his comments section was littered with hate.

Most of you probably don't care to know this terribly, but its somewhat interesting if you didn't know, but AS a city boy who's crashed a few parties and stumbled drunkenly down some red-carpets, I can safely say the following:

The celebrity business...is dangerous, mean, ugly, and more disquieting than you can imagine. I've seen people get sick from it, and I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean physically ill!

I know a lot of people make light of writers, or even bloggers who put themselves out there to be evaluated or read--which is a bit attention-whorish of course--but it isn't comparable to FAME exclamation point, that, like an atom bomb, fries anyone who is even close to its center.

Aussie Flapper Girl is this huge insider, and she's got contacts everywhere, so out of curiosity I asked her who those contacts were in relation to the celebrity targets.

"Friends who are in the know" she says, meaning any time you see a Nicole Ritchie or Angelina Jolie insider story, chances are its one of her friends leaking stuff to the press, and I can only conclude that those celebrities have almost no real friends who could keep the sort of bat-ass crazy secrets you or I would mouth off in a stupor.

God bless the celebrity guru gossip people, I could never get into all of that...just imagine you're a super celeb and you know your friends tell the press what you tell them, and so that means you would only tell your friends what you don't mind leaked.

I couldn't live that way.

On the upside however, you get to go to parties that are just the nigger's dick.


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