Monday, April 24, 2006

Virtual Nation of Imbeciles
Stuffy Old Man Takes On Blogs/Drunken Myspace Frat Boys

Disinhibition Nation

"Kevin Ray Underwood, the repressed Oklahoma cannibal, kept an Internet "blog" of his compulsions for years before kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old neighbor last week."

And to hell with me if that doesn't sound like the greatest "blog" EVER!

"I don't think the blogosphere is breeding cannibals."

That's where you and I differ Mr. Henninger. Since starting to write on this blog, a day hasn't gone by where I haven't felt pangs of hunger for man-flesh.

Herringer could have a point, and we all could be undergoing a repression of our inhibitions (?!), or, maybe there's a simpler explanation.

Maybe we're tired of watching a movie on TV get sliced up, nipples getting blurred, words getting bleeped or changed into other words that essentially mean the same thing. Perhaps we're all tired of entertainers getting censored or sued, and we're all tired of groups trying to make us feel ashamed.

Maybe we want honesty, or to hear a character say "fuck" instead of "fudge." We want to get up, get angry, and say, "I'm a god damn cannibal, and I'm going to go out today and eat another human being!"


Perv On: Joel David Moore totally. my. type. And check out the last video on that page.

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