Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day Without Brown People

Yeah I did it, and you didn't think I'd do it.

I totally disappeared yesterday in honor of my immigrant brothers.

That's right, now you know where my loyalties lie WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES.

Because seriously, you have no idea what these people are saying on the radio in spanish so the white people don't know what they're saying.

Translation from the short snippet I caught while in the deli across my apartment:

"Viva la revolucion! Keep on marching and keep on MULTIPLYING brothers and sisters, because we'll soon take over."

Yes yes, you think I'm kidding? You think I'm dicking around? I told you not to fuck with the crazy spanish people, but now you've gone and done it, and now I've got to choose a side.

Power to the raza (except the Mexicans, I hate the fucking Mexicans).


Bush Speech written by kids and delivered by a professional Bush impersonator. Now that's brilliant (thanks to Eric B.)

Stephen Colbert got balls, look at his roast in case you missed it.

Gay sweet and geek nasty, both up my alley.

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