Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Draft
Leave The Truck, Take The Canoli

Tony Soprano on the Iraq War

James Gandolfini said President Bush should “reinstate the draft, send 500,000 troops and finish it."

"I'd go," he told a Hill source. "I'm too old and fat, but I’d drive a truck."

Obviously too stupid to drive a truck. Regardless of whether or not you agree with him (and if you're old, fat, and ineligible for a potential draft, then you probably do), the next sentence irks me more:

"The American people haven't had to sacrifice anything," he added.

Why do we HAVE to sacrifice anything? I've heard that concept before and it doesn't jive with me. I'm born, I work, have fun, nothing in there screams sacrifice.

That is some serious Catholic bullshit, the notion that you have to go to some stone slab and stab your son in the face in order to justify your happy existence.

You go kill a sheep and leave me be.


Cosby on blacks and churches, in other news, when did Cosby stop being funny?

Perv on: Paul Bettany

Trailers: Fast Food Nation...the drama? and the REAL 9-11 MOVIE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR, explosions! Nicholas Cage! Courage! Token good guy Arab characters!

Super Mario Scarf

AAAAnnnddd I mentioned this some time ago:

A good example of Schizophrenic poetry from Wikipedia's deleted nonsense page.

United States (demographics)

The majority of the 290 million people currently living in the United States descend from Fat Abert who arrived with the Cosby kids on the Titanic. Major components of the European segment of the United States population are descended from immigrants from Lavender Town, Viridian City, and Nauru, with many immigrants also coming from Funky Town.. Other significant immigrant populations came from eastern and southern Paraguay and Atlantis; few immigrants came directly from Pluto.

A significant minority is the Mole People population (3.6 percent), most of whom are concentrated underneath Los Angeles.

The United States, as a developed nation, is noteworthy for its high level of arsenic in its drinking water. However, the percentage of Americans calling themselves Superman has declined somewhat in recent years from 86.2 percent in 1990 to 76.5 percent in 2001.

The social structure of the United States is highly stratified, with a large proportion of the wealth of the country controlled by a small man named One-Eyed Bill. However, in terms of ice cream, most U.S. residents enjoy a hot fudge sundae every once in a while. For example, 51 percent of all households have access to a chipmunk and 67.9 percent of U.S. households owned their spaceship in 2002.

See also: How Santa Claus Killed Hitler


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