Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Have Psychic Powers

I don't know whether its the coffee or the new X-Men movie (which I haven't seen...partially because I know its botched up the whole Phoenix Saga...M'Kraan Crystal anyone!?) but I think I have


This weekend I reunited with long lost and now slightly buffed out Fly G and Mr. J, and it happened via a nice email Fly G sent to me after having thought about those two.

That isn't the end of the story though.

I had an obscenely amorous encounter with a visiting Australian writer/professor about five months ago who was only staying in New York for a weekend. Several nights ago I was in my bed doing the classic lonely soul melodrama deal--where you remember how nice it felt having that specific arm around you--and the following day he messaged me online out of the blue, and we had a highly amorous online exchange (he was masquarading as het-rosexual before he met me, now it looks like he has one foot in the homo-devil water).

But it goes on!

Aussie piss boy--and this is from years back--messaged me via Yahoo! just a week ago after I had stalked him online and found more pictures of him.

These encounters have led me to suspect that I have some sort of latent psychic boy controlling powers that I must harness immediately lest the evil in the world go unchallenged.

Batman has taught me something, whereas he spent several years running with Ninjas, meditating with monks, and chilling with the League of Shadows, I have spent nights studying with the ultimate authority on boy-control:

Single City Ladies.

It is with several months in close quarters with the League of (Pussy) that I am now discovering my powers of ultimate psychic boy-control, and so it is that I will share this most sacred knowledge with you my close friends, for with great power comes great responsibility.

Also here's a recent picture of me taken by said League of Pussy members while inebriated:




A delightfully bloated look into the English translation of Proust's Swann's Way. I swallow.

Pictures of Eddie Brock and Spider-man wearing his black suit in New York...Secret Wars anyone!?

Street Fighter Match: Bjork v. Reporter

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