Monday, May 08, 2006

Party Etiquette
The Return Of The Slick Racist

Suck a little fuck

Fuck a little nut

Get down tonight!

Yeah well...its been busy ok? That's right you're getting the talk. It has been too busy for YOUR ASS.

But not really since I'm writing jibberish on here right?

Any way, I just wanted to share my wonderful dinner with friends experience from last night. Being the youngest person in that group, it was my duty to demand drinks, and sure enough the drinks kept coming.

Also, as dinner etiquette dictates, I brought things to the party:

1) A cheap bottle of red wine.

2) Twinkies

3) Three DVD copies of Tyler Perry's Christian nigger-fests, which is hilarious because my friend throwing the party is Jewish.

I've grown to become a huge fan of Tyler Perry's, specifically the shrewd way he totally rips off his black audience with cheap books, stupid heartwarming empty plays, ridiculous religious sentiments, and various other goods that are sold on his site that he directly shills to them after his plays.

Tyler Perry strikes me as a shrewd, manipulative, vacuous, self-bloated, black cultural sell-out who is possibly (in MY OWN OPINION) a cocksucker. He's made billions off of his horrible plays...

And I couldn't love him any more if I tried.

Way to shill for the Lord, you lovable asswipe!



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