Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Punks And Daddies
Its No Fair, People In Prison Are Having Hotter Relations Than Me!

Interesting read on prison assrape, feminism, and a sprinkling of homophobia...HEYOOOO!

Its based on this article, note:

this advice article was written for incarcerated heterosexual male survivors of prisoner rape, but provides a good description of a unique form of sexual relationship which is an important part of the culture of confinement.

Yes because, as a homosexual male, there's nothing better than forced prison ass sex...mmm good! I'm glad the heteros get a pamphlet to let them deal with what comes so naturally to me i.e. having a huge swarthy black man named bubba power fuck me against my own will.

Prisoners take hooking up very seriously, for it involves a commitment on the part of both partners, which neither can break (as long as they remain hooked up) without major consequences. The quality of these relationships ranges enormously, from virtual slavery and complete exploitation at one end to a mutually supportive, tender and human exchange of affection at the other.

Is he talking about prison or the New York dating scene?

he obligates himself to provide complete protection for his punk or junior partner (also called "kid", "boy," "sweet boy," "fuckboy," "catcher," and other terms)

Those names sound familiar, where have I heard them before...

The punk has to give up his independence and his control over his own body to his "man" as the price for this protection. He has to put out sexually in a passive role, giving up head or ass or both.

This is turning me on.

You may well be given duties other than sex: for example, doing laundry, cleaning his cell, making up his bunk, fixing coffee for him, or giving him backrubs.

This is starting to piss me off! It means I have to go to jail to find someone that'll do my laundry and clean MY cell. Is there any chance I could find my very own punk in the real world? God, I need someone to give me a backrub.

The basic fact of the matter is that most males, when separated from females, and especially when they're young and full of sex hormones which make them horny all the time, can become sexually aroused at the thought of penetrating anyone, regardless of their real sex. The nerves which produce pleasure in the dick don't ask if it's a girl's mouth, a boy's mouth; an ass or a pussy.

Damn, I love it when you talk dirty to me.

If he fucks your skull so hard you think you're about to pass out from asphyxiation, you should grab his legs and signal your distress. Most likely he'll be about to come and won't let up, but it'll be over real soon.

I'm about to come!

A dick up your ass may well physically stimulate your prostate gland, and you may experience that as pleasurable. You may even get a hard-on while being fucked, just as a physical reaction. And some punks will find the sexual experience arousing. Many guys have some homosexual feelings even though they are basically straight. You don't have to put a label on yourself just because you have a variety of feelings.

That is SO HOT, and thank you for this paragraph. Do you know how many confused straight/bi guys I've met with...ahem, "a variety of feelings?" Its been about 3, but I just wanted to sound like I'd encountered 100.

Psychologists generally consider adaptation to be a healthy reaction to a situation which you cannot change, so don't worry about it if you find yourself adapting to the role. Once you are out you can reverse the process and work on reclaiming the full expression of your masculine identity.

Yeah, that's not going to happen fruit.

Wow, what an amazingly written article. I have to hand it to the author, I haven't read an article that good since encountering Schizophrenic poetry in the compendium Apocalypse Now. The article is even better if you read it in the schmaltzy 1950's PSA voice.

As for my feelings on the tragedy of male prison rape...well I thought about it for quite a while, and yes it is a brutal, savage, and a sure sign of how tragic and barbaric our so called civilization is...fuck em, they're prisoners, let them ass rape each other.

Now who's writing the "Surviving In An All-Male Army" article? Hmmm? Yeah! I support the troops baby! Yellow ribbon up yo ass.

Photo Interpretation

Hmmm....John Malkovich sexually preying on an underaged kid.

From Art School Confidential

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