Friday, May 12, 2006

Who's The Whackjob
Burn You Up With My Love

I received an email two days ago from Adrian (Amnesia Sparkles), and as you all know (because this place is an institution god damnit) he is no longer talking to me.

In the email he says he found a picture he took of me and the Aussie Flapper Girl hanging out with her dog, we were both typically lit and looked great...well ok I looked liked shit. Adrian decided to send me the pic and ended his email with this:

If it wasn't for the dog and the Aussie Flapper Girl being in the picture I would drench it in alcohol and set it aflames...but then again you drenched in alcohol and flaming wouldn't be much of a stretch. lol


I've talked to people out there who tell me, "well yes I met this person, and we got into a six year relationship...the relationship ended but this person still comes over and sucks my dick."

I hate those people. Why? Because I'm stuck with all the fucking whackjobs who either loathe me enough to tell me that they would burn my image in effigy, or they ignore me to the point where they won't talk to me for years, contact me saying they're headed for New York, and then never get back to me.

I'm not a bad person! I've never screwed around on another person's boyfriend

Exes are another matter, and you know that!

This isn't normal is it?

I had a sort of...well let's just call him a weekend boyfriend, which describes that relationship to a 'T', anyway I found this guy's livejournal and--I kid you not--80% of his posts were about how he had been wronged by some boy.

After the weekend time limit on the boyfriend was over, I knew immediately that the only thing wrong in all of the boy's relationship was the boy himself.

HE was the whackjob.

Of course he didn't see that, because whackjobs don't know they're whackjobs.

So if I was a whackjob....I wouldn't know, would I?

But, wait a moment, all the people I know now are decent upstanding druggies with their lives and minds together, and you're hanging out with fat chicks and my old crazy roommate who almost married an illegal alien, so eat me whackjob!

Also happy friday.


AP gets a news story incorrect? Gasp! Unbelievable!

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