Friday, June 16, 2006

Awkward Conversations
Tragic Mutual Incomprehension

Pope John Paul(The Dead) attempted to dissuade Stephen Hawkings from finding the origin of the Universe, because the origin of the universe is God's work and...well he doesn't really go into detail as to why God's work should remain unscrutinized, but its safe to assume that, at some point, God will become terribly pissed off at humanity for having used their brains far too effectively.

"You aren't supposed to actually scrutinize my work with your brain power," he would thunder, "you must only use your brain to tell other people NOT to use thy brains." (Had to throw in a little biblical thing there).

Talk about an awkward conversation though.



"In 1992, John Paul issued a declaration saying the church's denunciation of Galileo was an error resulting from "tragic mutual incomprehension."

Stephen Hawkings is correct in pointing out the similarities between him and Galileo because if anybody is going to have a tragic mutual case of incomprehension it'll be Hawking's beta-max voice box with John "Mumbles" Paul.

One talks like a robot!

While the other one's brain dead!

Together, they're the greatest minds of our time.

Though lets be honest here; people claimed John Paul could talk--what--about 7 languages? That's an easy claim to make when you're barely audible most of the time.

I am capable of mumbling in 10 languages and grunting in over 20 languages.

In all seriousness, it is very nice to know that Mr. Hawkings will be upgrading his voicebox soon, thank you CNN.


Brandon Routh says "He no gay!", he doesn't say he's straight though. Brandon Routh is, in fact, from Krypton. Nobody is gay in the bottled city of Kandor!!

Don't say Like campaign, with Sarah Silverman it looks like.

What a "Lynchian" accident.

Mad Magazine takes on the 50 worst things about video games

Cum-shitting slut-whore...yeah sort of reminds me of me, HIV Currently Getting Tested Bob says he's got a vid of him ;)

Dumb drug story

Link is questing in Seattle Washington. Dodongo dislikes smoke.

Offensive songs I highly recommend "She Farts When She Comes"

Perv on: Sean Brosnan, Pierce's son!

If you liked the last Dandy Warhol vid check out KINK! to the right.

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