Monday, June 26, 2006

Gay Pride
A Beleaguered And Sore K Entertains Us.

I miraculously did go and volunteer at the pier dance for the Heritage Pride Foundation (or something).

Gay people are always either scary or cute, never anything in between, and watching them drunkenly stumble toward the exit in post-or-pre-or-non coitus after seeing JLO perform was better than watching the actual Pride parade (but not better than the STD portion of the Pride parade, talk about a downer...go GONO!).

Having spent a great portion of the day handing out beers and then dancing, I am feeling very tired and can only offer a few thoughts.

That gay bashing was probably the greatest thing to happen to Kevin Aviance's career. God bless him.

Seeing Carson Kressley at a gay event is no longer anything special to point out Jase, I was impressed the first 20 times I saw the Queer Eye group bumping uglies next to me. I was far more impressed--just recently--having witnessed two young obese black women rounding a courner on the Upper East Side scarfing down on fried chicken.

Walking stereotypes are awesome.

Also, do not shit in porta-pottys. Thank you

Also Rest In Peace Aaron Spelling...I guess?



Boing Boing: Annual Disneyland goth day this August

Pick up acronyms? You so silly!

Why HD DVD has already failed. Reason No. 1, I ain't throwing out my DVD collection, shiiiiit.

A great celeb-centered blog finally! The Adventures of Keira Knightley's Jaw

Mark Z's upcoming book has a website. He wrote the remarkable House of Leaves which is simply an amazing piece of work. So I want the new one, and the website is confusing and has a messageboard that says NOTHING! Bastard.

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