Thursday, June 22, 2006

Myspace Underage
Where The Underage Kids At?

Myspace has new age restrictions.

This bit of news now makes it official, an 18 year old cannot so much as contact a 14 year old UNLESS they know the child's email or full name.

Meaning only dilligent and persistent pedophiles now get awarded access to juicy underage ass, none of this lazy "send a random friend request" nonsense.

I can't for the life of me believe that 13 year olds are getting action on myspace, and all I get are crappy happy birthday greetings from friends.

Jeez, I'm SOOO lucky!

Time for a non-sequiteur

Here's a picture of Mr. Zombie Coterie's penis smoking a cigarette: Cocksmoker

The jpeg he sent me was almost 100 times more than this. Looking at it made me feel like I was living inside his dick.


2 minutes plus of Superman Returns on iTunes, man I can't wait!

Kylie Minoque will be back sans tit.

A cool real life murder mystery just let your cursor hover over the yellow highlights.

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