Saturday, June 24, 2006

Personal Message
On The Bloghole

As you may have noticed, this week brought a bounty of blog updates here on Deviant after a rather lackluster month of sporadic entries.

It feels good to be back and even better to--hopefully--capture the hearts and minds of an audience waiting to be brutally assaulted by bad taste and the like. Thanks for sticking around.

The reasons why my blogging was abysmal at best were many, ranging from work on the magazine, to finger problems, Republicans, illegal immigrants, RACISM, gay adoption, abortion etc etc.

I have come to realize, however, that being on the internet most of the time proves to be an enormous waste of time, and blogging is simply an extension of that waste. In more cruder terms, blogging is the asshole from whence ones intershit comes out of.

Its a bloghole for the intershit.

I'm sorry, I was busy turning myself on. At any rate I think I'm honestly getting the hang of blogging. That's right, after more than two years, its sort of finally hitting me now.

Its the rush of collecting and critiquing interesting feeds on your rss reader, sharing thoughts, insulting people, putting your personality out there, and helping your creativity flow into one outlet so that it can flow in so many others.

Blogging, in other words, truly is our collective waste, and I hope you enjoy wallowing in mine as much as I enjoy wallowing in yours.


Oh by the way, take a look around, the site has reached UNBELIEVABLY NEW HEIGHTS OF ANONIMITY. Cool huh?

Also, I may or may not be volunteering at the Manhattan pier pride dance tommorrow to sell Red Bull to methe'd out muscle queens.


Left Behind Infected With Born-Again Spyware

And this weekend's word of the day is Mohammedan