Thursday, June 29, 2006

Praise Allah Now I Feel Comfort!
Why Would You Want It Removed?

A Paki prisoner had a lightbulb removed from his ass.

The story and the following quote just made my morning:

"Thanks Allah, now I feel comfort."

If you're having a bad day then just think, "it could be worse, I could be a Pakistani prisoner with a lightbulb up my ass."

I have found the offending lightbulb buddy!

The guy on the right is looking at Mohammad the exact way one should look at a man who claims he doesn't know how a lightbulb got up his ass.

Reminds me of the time I accidentally swallowed a battery.


The Conspiracy Against Tobacco. I love crazy thoroughly thought out rants like this.

Lara Croft producer arrested on sex charges. Its old news but...still...Lara Croft's producer tried getting at a 9 year old girl. Man that's low, I mean, I'd at least UNDERSTAND 15 years old!

Oh look at me I'm jogging with the man indirectly responsible for the loss of my legs. HAhahaha, this soldier has gone beyond being a tool or a toolbox, he is now a tool shed.

Spider-man 3 spoilers!