Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Hate 9/11 Imagery


I know it ain't no Spider-man 3 what with the Venom and the Sandman, but watching the new Superman Returns will have to do for now.

I'm going to see it this Thursday, so naturally I like to read up on the subject:

This ASAP story is compelling but I think the writer has the whole Superman as 9/11 imagery wrong.

9/11 imagery was here before 9/11 ever happened, see this Onion article, and I think that a very small part of the fracas we're currently in is caused by our casting of that particular tragedy as a comic book plot and the people involved as heroes and supervillains

In other words, Osama Bin Laden ain't no Lex Luthor, but if I had to I would definitely equate him to Ras al Ghul of Batman fame, minus the cool Lazarus pit of course (but surprisingly, with a "hot" offspring just like Ra's...hmmm).

Here's a fast fact:

Ras al Ghul's daughter is Talia Ghul, Osama's niece is a singer, put them both together, and you have Spanish singing sensation Thalia. Thalia's father is a dirty Mexican.

Ok really, there was no point to that ((giggle)) ^_^!!121@


Al Qaeda's plan to something-something. I told you so, right?

How to protect yourself from cops when pulled over. Don't say I never helped you out.

Brian Jonestown Massacre online discography, watch the docudrama Dig! the guy who fronts this band is a nutty asshole heroin user, but at least he has mp3s on his site so all is forgiven ^_^

This is an awesome flash game K-Fed Dancing With Fire, you must prevent K-Fed from entering Club Douche, play it now.

Perv On: Bryan Singer's writing partners. I want to be Bryan Singer when I grow up.

Partial List Of People Who Had The Honor Of Seeing Me This Weekend

Jase, Patrick, Crash (who organized the volunteer Pier thing), Photog Jason Smith, TUNA GIRL, and this dude. Consider yourselves honored charlatans!