Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome To The Islands

Oh man...Jamaica...what a shit-hole right?

I'm only kidding, I've personally never been there, but man that country makes me nervous. There was a Jamaican Pride float during the Pride Parade that made me uppity!

That's not a float, that's a fucking TRAP!

Jamaica not to give out condoms to prisoners.

Which is ass backwards if you think about it, so don't because you'll get cross eyed.

The health minister in Jamaica suggested they give out condoms to prisons which caused people to be killed:

Mr. Dalley's call follows that of former Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant Colonel John Prescod, in 1997. At least 17 prisoners, deemed to be homosexuals, were killed in two maximum security facilities during three days of rioting, following Mr. Prescod's call for the distribution of condoms to combat HIV/AIDS in prisons.

Ok now that we've killed off the 17 sole homosexuals in our prison (mon), we won't be neetin' them conDOMS sir, yasee? We solved the problem (mon!)

Now its time to do our AIDS free prison dance mon!

Wow, what a rush! I should bash whole entire races and countries based on their prison populations more often. Now I know what Michelle Malkin feels like on her non-bloat days.

Happy friday mon!


Some new show

Despite the blacker-than-black off-the-wall humor, the "It's Always Sunny" characters look and dress like people you know. They make mistakes like people you know. They're funny (and sometimes not funny) like people you know. And they live in crappy apartments like people you know.

The fuck would I want to see that?

Rob Schneider collapses yes its all going according to plan.

The 100 dollar hamburger