Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Weren't There
The Uniter

Bush the Diplomat: "For Europe, September 11 Was a Moment. For Us, it Was a Change of Thinking."

The President only has it somewhat right.

Its high time to be completely honest here and admit that, unless you lost someone or witnessed those attacks in the real world, you weren't at the epicenter of the 9/11 tragedy.

None of this we are the world bullshit, we AREN'T the world, we WEREN'T all New Yorkers that day, and as much a I love this city, it would be downright shitty and disrespectful of me to claim 100% pain with people that day.

Its the truth. When you saw those bombs go off in the Underground in London, you didn't feel like a Londoner (and I adore that city), my first thought was, "oh shit I hope that doesn't happen here!"

In fact, the first sign of people getting up to no good is when they start uniting.

This is why I avoid large crowds and partially why I avoid Cracker Barrel Restaurants.


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