Monday, July 10, 2006

Anti-Social Tendencies
How To Meet Friends And Influence People

I'm fucking sick of people.

That isn't to say in any concrete permanent sense, luckily, but just on this immediate Monday morning I feel I ODed on people this last month.

Cute people, ugly people, young people, old people, strangers and friends; friends of friends, and some enemies. Now I'm irritated and feeling like I want to be locked up for a little bit.

Getting up early to drink beer and watch the World Cup yesterday while hungover didn't help.

Aussie Flapper Girl bit me while drunk at the bar, like she could smell my seething anti-social tendencies.

Maybe I'm a sociopath? I think I at least have diet-sociopathology.

Unfortunately it still takes (at least) two to get laid.


Indie Video Game Reviews, because it seems my inner Geek is coming out:

Australian Geeks (yum) run the The Mighty Justice Gaming Show. They're a bunch of hyperactive Aussie whackjobs. Did I mention they're Australian?

The Gamelife Show featuring very awkward game reviews by ubergeeky guys who honestly may be a little out for Geoff Mendicino my favorite of the lot (favorite for obvious reasons).

If I was a performance artist, I'd perform this rogue helicopter bit...and it was shaking and shaking AND SHAKING AND SHAKING!!