Monday, July 24, 2006

Dakota Fanny
The Internet Is For Prawn

Hold on a second, did you hear about this?

Dakota Fanning to get Naked and Raped in her new movie?

As if things weren't creepy enough with that little girl, now you've gone and gone on a whole other level of scary. I would cry and call child services if I was sure she was a real little girl and not some robot acting demon.

"I don't want to see Dakota Fanning get raped on screen!" I said during a mad tea party (it was brunch under an awning in that monsoon we had in New York).

"I do!" My friend said without missing a beat.

I thought about it some more and she tried calming me down, "its not like they're going to show insertion!"

Which is too bad really.

Dakota Fanning you scary motherfucker.

(and now)

How to spot a pedophile



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