Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada
Ending Spoilers For The Prada Movie Only Homos Went To See

So the moral of the story is...

Quit your job when it gets too cutthroat and return to your boyfriend who didn't want you to be THAT successful, and who is now leaving you for a job that should be very successful to him, and now you have to work for a retarded newspaper?

From IMDB:

Am I alone in this viewpoint? I mean, get real! If you're on call to your job and your friends start playing keep-away with your cell phone, is that FUNNY?!? If everyone you work with looks down their noses at you, wouldn't you want to try and fit in by wearing clothes like they do, specially if top fashion is right at your fingertips and available to you for FREE? If your boss challenges you to do your job or be fired, wouldn't you try your damndest to meet that expectation?


Heh, when ppl you (but mostly the repliers below your post) love this movie I can truly understand why I hated it. How can every movie about a girl making it in the big city end with that she's whoring around and only after that she realises: Wow, look how far I have drifted from my old self. I need to get back on track and stop beings such a twat to my bf/friends/bla bla.

I'm totally with Meryl Streep's character on this one, but then again I DO wear Prada glasses, and I'm also involved in the Magazine world, and I'm an academy award winning actress.


Alice In Wonderland FAQ

Q: Was Carroll a pedophile?

A: No, probably not. He certainly liked little girls at a level that was more than normal. However, there is no evidence at all that he was sexually attracted to them. He did photograph them in the nude, but only with permission from their mothers, and only if the children were completely at ease with it.

Denial is a river in Wonderland.

Perv On: Australian TV Host Rove McManus of recent Interview with Elmo fame. He breeds kangaroos, I shit you not.