Friday, July 28, 2006

Blind As A Bat

Even as a little boy I'd spend time unblinking in front of the television blasting away 8 bit ducks with carefully aligned shots from my bright orange Nintendo zap gun.

"He can go blind if he keeps watching TV on his side like that," my visiting aunt told my mother, and she was a doctor so we figured she would know what she was talking about, but I still hated her for saying something like that.

Now I find myself working with my eyes, and spending my leisure time away from work using my eyes to read or to type something out.

I'm blind as a bat if I take off my blocky square Prada glasses, and it makes me wonder if I will go blind if I don't find some sort of leisure activity that doesn't necessitate the use of my eyes.

Something maudling and trivial like American football or new age meditation.

On second thought, it might have been all the masturbation that caused this.


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