Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Trivia
Rain Puts Me In A Creepy Mood

I told Jase last night that I often go to wikipedia and just browse pages and look up facts about different subjects.

"So I know all of these things and then I can use them to produce the illusion of intelligence."

Jase said, "some people would say that is being intelligent."

And its all part of my master plan. For instance, were you aware that perenially creepy director David Lynch (Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive among many) offers up a weather forecast for subscribers of his site. A few can be located on youtube here

Its currently drizzling with a chance of sporading monsoon-like weekend thunderstorms typical of any normal July in America...

Also, check out his website-only short entitled Rabbits here which is one of the more screwed up things I've seen besides Begotten.