Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Outting As PR
Who's Darren Hayes?

The whole Darren Hayes "coming out" tragedy (...joking!) highlights a very important grey area in the world between celebrity sodomy and plain old regular sodomy.

A lot of people I know have referred to Hayes' civil union--how romantic btw--to his boyfriend as coming out, when in reality it sounds like Hayes has been officially out like you and me for quite a while.

Hayes and Elton John for instance, and also George Takei now that I think about it, all are a specific subspecies of celebrity that are OUT but not OUT internationally; hence there are two levels of outness that these guys have to break through, and to their credit that must be incredibly hard to do what with all of the recording contracts, fanbase reaction, album sales and what-have-you.

However, if we want to be cynical, we could see these international self-outings as simple publicity stunts, or to be more specific "calculated press releases" meant to revive interest in failing careers (it worked for Takei, I'm his number one fan now).

And we are living in cynical times aren't we?

(This all isn't fair to Jake Shears who it was assumed was already a flaming 'mo).