Thursday, July 13, 2006

Loose Women Are Now Acceptable In Society

The New York Times continues its incredible fall from grace with a look at the word slut.

"Slut" is tossed around so often and so casually that many teenagers use it affectionately and in jest among their friends, even incorporating it into their instant messenger screen names.

Like "queer" and "pimp" before it, the word slut seems to be moving away from its meaning as a slur. Or is it?

When did being a teenager become grounds for cementing cultural shifts. Doesn't everyone know that being a teenager involves doing and saying what isn't supposed to be done or said (in ten years killing will be ok because teenagers do it...oh wait).

Given all of the slut-posturing, one may be inclined to think that society's attitudes about women and promiscuity have changed. But it's not entirely so, say authors who have studied popular culture. An entrenched sexual double standard is not easily uprooted. A promiscuous single man is lauded for being a player or a stud, but a woman who sleeps around rarely is.

That's not fucking fair. If I sleep around all my male friends call me a slut in a bad way--course those are all my fatally femme male friends. Plus I've been called stranger things in my life...

"When I think of the word slut," wrote Don Reisinger, a student doing accounting and law work in Albany, in an e-mail message, "I think of a woman who has been around the block more times than my dad's Chevy. I might date a slut, but I certainly wouldn't marry one."

The same can be said about black people Don...the same thing...

I'm anxiously awaiting teenagers popularizing the term dot-head. I know I'm trying.


Chevy Chase calls his daughter a whore so it must be ok. I used to call Mr. Reality Show Reject a nigger-lover. I miss him!

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