Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Aussie Teacher
He Totally Went Gay For Me!

It seems I get involved in an intense connection with a person just once every year. Admittedly, time in New York moves mysteriously, so I could be off.

Nevertheless, if I were to be asked what my big connection at the age of 23 was, I would begrudgingly award that title to the young "straight" Australian teacher who flew in from down under and spent around two days with me - time he was supposed to spend with his gal-pal Aussie Flapper Girl (the fact that he wasn't sleeping with her was the first tipoff that he was a homo, she's gorgeous).

I begrudgingly give him that big connection award because we spent such a brief time with each other that it almost seems ridiculous, however, during such a quick meeting a prolonged and romantic affair can be condensed into a great fucking mutual stab in the aorta that leaves both parties (and people on the periphary) in a tizzy.

It happens with the right person, and he was Australian, cute, and a teacher, obviously the right person in my case.

I received an email from him today, saying he's doing well and briefly mentioning that he was seeing a girl and that it was going well.

How did I feel about that? Absolutely great, because having a straight man become gay because of you is nothing compared to having a straight guy go temporarily gay just for you!

Initially that's how I felt, but in regards to the Aussie I feel troubled because I'm sure he's a ticking time bomb of pent up sexuality ready to explode in his hometown, which would be harder to do than to explode in my bedroom a world away from Australia.

But I'm an ocean away and it's not my place.


I apologize for the melancholia and pathos in this entry, I was listening to that damned Owen Pallett. I'm listening to Stern now so I should be all back to normal right after this!


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