Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bisexual Manners
I Totally Know This Guy

From Slate:

There was about a three-year time in my life just after college when I considered myself bisexual. I never had gay sex or even really dated men, but it was how I defined myself and I did go through a coming-out process to my parents, friends, etc.

You had gay sex otherwise you wouldn't be writing in. If you didn't have gay sex then promptly forget anything happened and live your life happily in denial.

I've thought about telling her myself, but it's a strange thing that wouldn't necessarily shock her but would mean, to some extent, I've been lying, since at times she has jokingly asked me if I am gay.

She's onto you.

Prudie: Since she has asked if you're gay, this means either someone already has or she is picking up on something about you.

Thank you.

My Warped Childhood

On an unrelated note, the following illustration:

Used to scare me so badly when I was a little boy, that I was afraid to pick up the book that contained it out of fear that I'd flip to its page.

I always did pick up the book though.

Garfield is making a demented comeback

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