Thursday, August 03, 2006

Everyone Loves The Jews

Here's why the Mel Gibson story is more important than the Middle East.

We, as a supposedly civilized society, have this monstrous scoundrel rampaging throughout the West, a man that has taken full advantage of our noble capitalist system to become successful in film.

Despite that sucess he's driving around drunk, endangering the lives of citizens, throwing racial slurs at cops, and threatening them so as to diminish their ability to serve and protect.

On top of all that he's painted himself as a publicly moral figure with his newfound religion and film about Jesus Christ, he was wholly accepted by the church and our religious right.

So it is VITAL that we learn about Mel Gibson.

As to the Middle East: Hello? Hello? They bomb shit, its what they do.


I found this Boysroom Bar gallery via towel road. Thanks Village Voice, for reminding me why I don't go there anymore.

If there's one thing I have in common with straight guys (other than a love of gaming, bad hygiene, and a love of wrestling) it is a complete enjoyment in torturing girls

The AP News be slippin' Deviant Bashes and Viciously Rapes the AP