Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He Poos Shit
Music Reviews

I'm starting to illogically despise Owen Pallett.

He strikes me as such a namby-pamby old lady with his babbling on about his video games, phobia of drugs, and his ugly boyfriend.

He's got such pretty songs and such a nice voice though, which just makes me hate him even more, how dare you play that violin and make me all weak in the knees!?

Damn fucking Canadian.

I'm adding him to a music section for the mag along with The Ark, which I'm working on because it is a common known fact that music reviews are the epitome of human failure, especially in the internet age where you can find song samples with just a quick trip to youtube or even google and you can make up your own mind about an artist.

Writing about music is like flying with wings made out of bricks against a seizure inducing black and white zebra striped background. Isn't that how the saying goes?

However, with so much info a lot of good bands get overlooked, so rather than a music review, I've opted for a "why you should check them out" sort of deal...

...he has a fucking boyfriend!!



I'm so excited...I'm so scared, the T-Shirt. Finally!

Trailer for Van Damme's new movie is a thing of sheer beauty. "You fucked him...You fucked...Callahan."

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