Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In Heat
Young G Plays It Safe

Fly G called me from a black car that he took late last night to reach Brooklyn for an internet threesome with two latin boys, one of whom only had one picture available online.

"Hello," I say.

Audible giggling and gasping from Fly G's end.

"Where are you going so I can tell the police where they can start looking for the body." I tell him.

"Oh my god are you being serious? You're making me not want to go," comes his G-ness' nasally reply.

"What sort of briefcase do you think you'll be stuffed in?"

"That's not funny."

After a long night of asking me what he should do, he finally decided for himself that the call of a tomcat was too strong to resist. He was in heat!

"The puerto rican is paying for my car there and back, that's why I decided to go," Fly G said.

"You're such a hooker," I responded.

He allegedly had a good enough time once he got to his destination in Brooklyn, though he couldn't tell me the dirty details since he cancelled dinner when he found out that his sink was invaded by maggots due to some old catfood he accidentally left out on an unwashed dish.

And I thought I was supposed to be the crazy one.


Grabbing free sellable swag from Focus On The Family. I'm getting a book on preventing my teenager from becoming a homo, and giving two books to Aussie flapper girl on how to surpress her raging lesbianism (I'm worried about the Beaver). Found it on D-to the v's site.

Ryan Seacrest flirts with Anderson Cooper

From the comments section:

They totally hooked up after the show.

AWWWWW!!! Yea I agree, they did hook up afterwards. ha!

Well Ryan was in LA and Anderson was in New York...

That exchange made me laugh.