Friday, August 04, 2006

A Memo
Happy Friday!

jews are the new blacks.



Gay marriage wins by losing. I told you.

Queer Eye Cancelled, fortunately the guys are "still popular with celebrities," I breath a sigh of relief.

A band covers Total Eclipse of the Heart: This is art.

Darth Vader is a smartass

The Dakota Fanning rape movie is called Hound Dog, watch out for it!

Mel Gibson as an LA cop He PWNZ Malibu you know?

Oldie but goodie Mel Gibson on South Park I absolutely LOVE how they cut out the boring preachy part, it made the whole thing more hilarious.

Are Gay Men Inherently Promiscuous?. Everyone, as usual, misses the point. Men in general aren't promiscuous, women are just sexually frigid (its fun to slander everyone!)