Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Musician
A Night In

There was six of us at Aussie Flapper Girl's place, one of whom pulled out six bundles of pot in two ziploc bags, a baggie overflowing with coke, speed pills, seven Xanax pills that he poured out onto the table for Aussie Flapper Girl, and an iPod.

He is a musician. Aussie Flapper girl had a two-bit guitar that he grabbed and strum along to his iPod (which he hooked up to Aussie Flapper's speakers) right before he got too stoned and started staring off at a wall.

Aussie Flapper Girl was upset we'd all ended up back at her place and hadn't gone to our usual indie rock haunt to chat up some sexually questionable boys, but truth be told I was having a lot of fun.

We stayed up all night talking about music, that's all I remember talking about. I told the man with the drugs in his bag that I was very envious of musicians because its an artform I couldn't really approach myself.

It just so happened he works at the Irving Plaza, and can get me and friends into any show for free. He told me to send him an email, and proceeded to sit on the floor immobile clutching his guitar.

Musicians are so cool.

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