Monday, August 07, 2006

One Day I Will Become The Father Of A Son
Hola Salo!

Ok I'd marry Owen Pallett, but I'd cheat on him with the lead singer of The Ark...what? I'd become exhausted with all of Owen's constant moping and pining for the fjords (I'd kill the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters, just to round up this partial game of "F---, Marry, Kill!")

The Ark has been described as an over the top and surprisingly earnest updated version of Glam Bowie and T-Rex, but mine ears tell me they have a lot more in common with the better parts of Rent, still Ola Salo (lead singer) and I worship the same Gods.

Notice the spelling of his last name, Salo, which is the name of the movie version of the Marquis De Sade's novel 120 Days In Sodom, and is also the name of the Italian state that was formed during the last days of Mussolini's fascist reign, men women and children were brutally tortured, sodomized, and killed in Salo.

The director of the movie Salo was killed by a male teenage hooker before the movie was released. And to tie it all up, The Marquis De Sade was a famous lover of sodomy, the term sadism was coined from his name.

What does all of this possibly mean? Two things

1) What the hell did I do before the internet where a late night of random googling comes up with all this sort of wonderful information?

2) Gay history is way cooler than black history


The Ark music video I really wanted to share with you isn't up on youtube yet unfortunately, but go check it out on their main site under their video player here. It is the video to the song called Joy Surrender. Believe me, its worth it, its so over the top glam that you'll hate it or love it, plus you can perv on the band.

Perversion for Profit (Part I). Anti-smut film from the Fitties.

You can get fired via texts in Britain, the company that did the firing defends the action by saying that texting is part of youth are rainbow parties but I don't think I'll be wanting blowjobs from coworkers anytime soon. OMG GTFO!