Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Palmer Eldritch
One Hell Of A Bad Acid Trip

Aussie Flapper Girl became visibly distraught at the mere idea of a drug whose hallucinatory effects could continue on even after you believed the drug to have gotten out of your system.

"It's made of space lichen, and once you take it you fall into a hallucinatory state where everything is controlled by this one being named Palmer Eldritch. He's got a metal hand, iron teeth, and robotic slits instead of eyes. You can do anything in this world and stay there for years while time slows to a crawl in the real world. The catch is there's no real way of knowing WHEN exactly you've come back into the real world because the hallucinatory world can simulate you waking up into the real world. Its possible to "wake up" and spend years living out your life only to find out that you're still stuck in a hallucination; the only way you know is that Palmer Eldritch's distinct features start cropping up in others."

I usually don't feel like I've stopped breathing while reading a novel, but The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch sure made me feel like the room was closing in.

Its setting is an Earth uninhabitable due to extreme global warming. People are drafted to depart home and live their lives in distant planetary colonies like Mars, where life is so depressing that people resort to drugs and dolls in order to momentarily feel like they're back on Earth.

The story has some interesting religious overtones, comparing wafers to drugs, the consumption of Christ compared to Eldritch's consumption of man, and the cult-like mindset of junkies and religious folks.

I know many people (even religious folks) have mentioned that atheists have written the most interesting pieces on religion, but I have to say that complete bat-shit insane people like Philip K. Dick have as well.

Its a nice easy read, pick it up and enjoy the bad acid trip.


Perv on: The guy in the middle of this film ironing his shirt. Thank you.

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