Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm Still I'm Still Deviant From The Blog

All my creative juices have been shot out of me in orgasmic fountains and splattered on to the as-yet-printed magazine titled Qr.

I have to admit, my newfound responsibilities and passion for this project have transported my battle-scarred 24 year old body back to when I was 19 and running around in San Diego working as a Managing Editor and pretending to know what I was doing.

Ah good times.

The level of excitement for this thing is a little unreal, people are already being fairly defensive about THEIR magazine, and it isn't even printed yet.

We started a little blog to keep people up to date on the stuff we're doing or interested in. I answer some critic here.

That's nothing compared to this next bit of unreality; I do believe I'm going out with a boy (for the third time technically).

For the first time in my life...I feel like...A MAN! Hell, I have the bald spot to prove it!

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