Monday, August 21, 2006

The Weekend
This Magazine Thing Is Hardcore

I've been so terribly busy.

When I'm not working on the mag, I'm at the day job or out socializing (which hasn't cured me of my misanthropy, but it has certainly helped).

Yesterday I went out with Fly G on a spur of the moment thought, and it felt pretty wonderful and bizarre because he is trying to start a hotel chain.

Just two entrepeneurs out on the town!

Unfortunately neither of us has the money of an entrepeneur YET, although Fly G had won a cool 200 at the horse races that day, so he had the richest blood of the night.

I didn't go crazy with the drinks, but I became inebriated enough to input a contact name into my cell phone that reads:

E PilLs Roberto

Now that's a party.


Truman Capote 2: Still Flamin', these remakes are being made closer and closer to the original film!

Asians On A Plane or Arabs.

Osama and I have something in common we both hate Whitney Houston's hair.

Google's online word processor

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