Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alcoholic Love
Getting Dangerously Close To One Another

Put your hand on my shouuuulder

Too roo rooo roo

Whisper in my ear


Too roo roo roo

He stands a wonderfully odd 6 feet something. He's blonde, shaggy haired, manly with a bright boyish face and earthly sculpted body...

It isn't really sculpted though, it's formed, which is even better, meaning it looks like it was with him all along, and when you touch it it doesn't have the unnatural helium balloon texture of a gym body.

He makes me drunk with love, and with drinks.

He makes me drunk with drinks,

He's my favorite bartender.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" I said. The Sunday soiree had moved venues, and I didn't know whether it had moved bartenders, but he was there, and he spread his arms out and said "I'm here."

He put his arm on my shoulder, I leaned in and asked if he modeled. I believe he said he modeled in Milan, but I had drunk 151 proof of rum so who knows what he said?

"MY bartender said he's married and has 2 kids!" Fly G warned me. I sipped my drink and watched Mr. Blonde Bartender out of the corner slits of my eyes. He had no shirt on and his body flitted around grabbing drinks as his head shifted slightly and his face peered out towards me at the end of the bar.

We embraced that night. Ok we hugged after I stalked him around the bar and he was leaving.

I had gotten close, REAL CLOSE, for the next week there was something different about him.

"Why are you wearing a shirt?" I complained.

"You think I look good without one?" He lifted his shirt up and rubbed his stomach, smiling sweetly, but his sweet smile couldn't mask the fact that the sweet boy I met had been gone, replaced by a bartender...a bartender working for tips.

It was the same man, Mr. Blonde Bartender, but his actions were too obvious, and lacked the initial surprised flare of innuendo and mystique we had given off to each other.

Had I gotten too close to a kiss? Had he thought of me too much when I was gone? Had he thought of taking me brusquely behind some sequins into a silky hidden boudoir inside the Limelight reserved for more sinful transactions between bar and patron?

Had we not so abruptly gotten close to each other as to peer into the other's soul and smile?! Had I become serious competition to his virtue that he had to pull back? He had taken off his shirt but he was only a naked man now, no angel, but a straight boy putting on a show.

The feelings between us, they had dwindled...had I moved too fast?

I approached him with two dollars, gestured for him to move forward, and I stuck the bills twixt the band of his pants and his fleshy flat front.

"HE'S GOT KIDS!!" Fly G screamed in horror from across the bar as I stuck the bills in place and brushed up against some knub and hair.

We smiled, and one of my writer's words echoed round my head; "Anyone can be seduced."

OOOoh EARTH ANGEL, earth angel!

Pleee-ee-ase be miiine!

PS: He has promised to be on a cover of Qr Magazine, the game has just begun.


I come bearing gifts. That's right, perverse German hardcore sex art films. Well the top three had lots of pissing and hot mouth to mouth worm action.

Just because daddy is away doesn't mean I haven't stopped thinking of you!

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