Monday, September 11, 2006

Cat Power Overpowers Me In The Shower, Golden Shower.

I was making edits to the Brad Walsh interview for the music section in the sample issue.

Walsh apparently hates me but he's in the mag because...well we're the shit! [no drinks were spilled on me btw, noses would be broken].

I noticed he puts up pictures of various escapades on his blog, and I do not.

Here's why:

Last night I went to Aussie Flapper Girl's house. She'd passed out the day before from having drunk half a bottle of red wine and couldn't open the door for me, so our night of debauchery had been cancelled.

I arrived and she had questionable substances ready for me which I consumed and enjoyed. After talking about hateful particulars. She talked me into going to the Belmount Lounge for a quick drink before catching a show by Cat Power at Irving Plaza...

VIP seating of course.

We arrive at the Belmont and we see our lone bartender. One drunken night we asked him if he was straight or gay, he asked us what we thought, I said I thought he was gay because he had a lisp.

It's not my fault he has a lisp! He's straight I believe.

He hates me.

We got our drinks and met a couple out on a date, the girl was visibly crazy and 'my people.' We got along swimmingly so we met our contact at Irving Plaza and scooped the couple, who it turned out were on a date.

We got to the top floor and across the velvet rope to our vip table, with drink tickets to boot. Cat Power is a girl with a guitar who is amazingly depressing and slow, I had no fucking idea how she got so many people to turn out to see her. We turned up a tad late, and we were drunk, so we pretty much called attention to ourselves and I swear to our savior and lord Jebediah Christ that I saw a girl give me the most murderous stare I've ever gotten in my life.

I think she hates me.

The crazy girl's date tried to lift my shirt up during the concert...the hell? I thought they were on a date? I told her that and her mouth dropped, I don't think she hates me as she asked for my number and I wrote it in her phone, signed "Kevin King of the Fags"

I met up with Fly G to go to the reopening of Limelight/Avalon, Jase was there and I was so drunk by then I didn't know what was going on! We met up with our fave bartender who poured us huge drinks. I made out with a boy I always make out with.

I think he's indifferent about me. Hmmm irony

Today: I found out Aussie Flapper Girl confronted a famous lead singer of a band later that night and told him she didn't have a crush on him, and asked if a boy we knew had fucked him. He had no idea what she was talking about. I think a few people might start to hate her.

Today: Fly G is writing a letter explaining his absence from Jury Duty. He is "traumatized by the events of 9/11 and can't make it downtown on the anniversary."

We are assholes.


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