Saturday, September 02, 2006

Explosive Diarrhea

Two things that happen on rare occasions occurred simultaneously on thursday: me going out with a boy, and EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.

Going against stereotype, most young homosexual boys aren't turned on by EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA, so after having entered the calm before the storm, I had a pleasant dinner and conversation with this boy.

We limped on as he became more tired and I became more sick. We culminated in calling it a night and going our seperate ways, thank god, because that whole night was spent shivering, sweating, and having EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA, which is very much the opposite of what I had planned to happen that night minus the sweating.

The last few times we've gone out have ended awkwardly, but we have kept in touch so who am I to question the witchcraft I hold over mice and men.

I have spent the last few days cleansing my system and drinking buckets of water. My stomach still irks me from time to time but the EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA and other nasty symptoms are all but gone.

It is the last time I'll trust a Queens cooked cheeseburger.

Having gotten most of this bug out of my system, I opted to have the following for breakfast:

It's a day old chicken burrito in the microwave of course!


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