Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shoudda Remembered That You Can't Lose With Orange Juice

The evil empire shudders and swells with a nice little start. I very much look forward to filling the giant void that exists within the gay world.

I'm just the filler of voids. Keep your fingers crossed.

However, I would like to take this brief time to share a story here involving juice.

I usually buy white grape juice because it is reminiscent of champagne without the bubbly, or strawberry breeze juice because I love strawberries, however I opted yesterday to purchase a juice that could soothe my palette but be different enough to pull me out of my juice rut.

I was scanning my options at the grocery store when people around me started walking past and making me jittery. I didn't want to appear like a maniac picking at my nose and standing in front of the juices with a blank stare, so I was failing at that.

Rapidly and without too much thought, I picked up a Grapefruit juice thinking the cover was enticing enough.

I take it home, make some pasta, pour out some of the juice, taste it, and I quietly remember that I've bought this juice before and that it disgusts me.

It tastes like oil.

Not only did I pick out the wrong juice, I picked the juice that was at the polar opposite end of anything I decide tastes good. Not only was I wrong, or mistaken, I actually accomplished picking out the most vile of juices in an almost random choice.

The point of this is to remember; don't go chasing waterfalls, just stick to the rivers and the juice that you're used to.


Atheists, I'm a big fan of Dawkins, he looks almost dreamy in this Wiki entry.