Friday, September 08, 2006

Lonely Girl
The Case of the Fake Youtube User

Some time ago a girl by the username Lonelygirl15 started taking by storm with her video polemics videotaped from her bedroom.

There was a whole series of Lonelygirl videos about her life and her developing feelings on her geeky video editor who also often posted replies to her on his youtube profile.

After a while Lonelygirl started mentioning her parent's bizarre religion, and users noted a poster of Alester Crowley on her bedroom's back wall.

Was she a witch? Were here parent's satanists? More importantly; how is it that she was lit so perfectly? Why were certain events in her 'narrative' edited so conveniently?

It turns out she's a filmmaker's project, to the chagrin of some people who expected her to be some corporate reality game.

While the blogger in the link above is, or was, fairly excited about the whole mystery, it really isn't anything new. Postmodern works of storytelling involving reality bending tricks are more common than you think, one example off-hand is Nabokov's Pale Fire a narrative told via the analysis of a poem claimed to be real.

Or see the Blair Witch Project.

What I was fascinated with wasn't lonelygirl's videos, but my total lack of interest in them. They're obviously meant to appeal to straight boys (geeks perhaps) who would love to have a pretty girl interested in them, and so lonelygirl's story is about a pretty girl interested in her geeky friend.

Having only seen her picture on youtube, I never thought once to click on the video until I read that she might be a fake.

If memes are like genes, and we can compare ideas to biology, then it COULD be said that I was immune to the lonelygirl meme.

That's all fascinating to me...and me only I'm sure :-p.


Terri Irwin's Revenge. I got to the king stingray and died!

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